PRC Archives: 1951 Young People’s Convention

These wonderful pictures came in from Mr. John Buiter (my former grade-school principal at Hope PRCS!) this week, as part of a donation to the PRC archives. John was a member of Oaklawn PRC in Illinois at the time, though he later moved up to Grand Rapids, MI for teaching and administration, and later belonged to my home church at Hope PRC in Walker.

John’s fine collection of photos included some from the 11th annual PR Young People’s Convention held in August of 1951 in…? You tell me! It’s really not hard if you look closely. But that church – isn’t that a beauty?! I previously did a post on this PRYP’s Convention after a member donated the group picture from this convention.

It seems John also had an eye out for a certain young lady at this convention too, a peach named Thea, whom he would later marry. You will find her in one of these pictures too. But you will need a good eye for that. Let’s see who can locate her.

I am guessing you can identify some of the people in these photos (there were many more, so maybe we can post more later). Some names appear on the front. And I see one of our older ministers in there too – can you identify him? Have fun!

And thank you, John, for thinking of the archives!




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