Raised with Christ – Glorious Gospel Miracle and Mystery!

Eph-2-5-6What a miracle is this! You and I, my brother and sister, ‘have been raised with Christ’!

What is this mystery? What will it be? That we are buried with him in his death, are raised with him, and are seated with him in heaven? It’s that we have become one vine with him, equalized with him in his death and therefore also in his resurrection.

…He [Christ] assumed the office of Messiah. …He became the head of a new humanity and thereby included all those who would become children of God. He embraced them in his high-priestly heart. In an act of eternal love, he incorporated us into himself, after the Father gave us to him.

From that moment on, we live in him. In his heart! In his high-priestly person! From that moment, we were in him. We were still impure and unholy in all our sins; but he carried them all the away as the Lamb of God.

So he stood there, then, with all God’s children bound up in him. …The entire race of the elect was bound up in the Son of Man. Because of this, Christ sank down under the flood of unrighteousness belonging to God’s children that poured over his heart. These are the sins that oppressed him with ‘the enormous burden of God’s anger.’

This is how he met death, descended to hell, and was buried under a curse. But naturally, not he alone but also we with him, since we were in him. Where he descended, we descended as well. We were buried with him in his death. When he died, we died. When he lay in the grave, we lay in that grave, bound in his heart. In him, in a shared lot with him!

And when he rose again, broke the bonds of death, and triumphed over hell and the grave, the Messiah did not dismiss us from his heart. He didn’t simply leave us lying in the grave, my brother and sister, to triumph only by himself. No, he took us along with him in his resurrection. Along with him out of the grave! When he stepped back into life, we stepped over the threshold with him, out of ruin and raised to new life. When forty days later he ascended to heaven, he did not leave us behind here on earth. But he held us close, bound in his heart. And he took us above with him so that we have now been seated with him in heaven. And because he is praying for us in his heart, we may be at peace in that heart of his.

So now do you understand?

…’Child of God’ is definitely a title of honor that belongs to you.

…It is yours by right, on the basis of pure grace!

Taken from the new translation by James A. De Jong of Abraham Kuyper’s Honey from the Rock (Lexham Press, 2018), pp.226-229.

This particular meditation (#71 of Volume 1) is titled “We Have Been Raised with Him” and is based on Ephesians 2:6 (cf. above).

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