What’s the Latest at the PRC Seminary? Some Updates in Pics – October 2019


Indeed, the calendar does show November now, but we are going to bring you up to date on things at the PRC Seminary through the month of October. It has been two months since I posted anything on the new archives/library renovation project, so let’s catch up with the help of some photos I have been taking since then.


The main addition to the archives room has been the new SpaceSaver shelving, purchased through and installed by the Casper Corporation. This is an amazing, high efficiency shelving system that runs on tracks installed in the floor and turned with the ease of a large wheel at the one end.




The key was getting the tracks and raised flooring just right, and the crew spent almost two days just on that. And then, of course, the shelving units.




This past week we had our final fire alarm and fire suppression system test and inspection for this special room (we passed!), and now await final building inspection before we can start moving in and transferring our PRC archives into this room. We are eager and excited for that day!


Just outside the archives room, in the hallway leading up to it, was an old doorway that was converted by Bosveld (Mike Rau) into a beautiful display case, which was immediately filled with a few seminary history treasures.


The other main event has been the near-completion of the library renovation. Most of the new furniture and its accents have been added now, making for beautiful and functional areas for reading, study, discussion, and fellowship (done quietly, of course!).




We welcome you to come by and take in the new look, as well as to make use of the library . There are plenty of resources for you to use for your own personal reading and study! Plus, don’t forget our bookstore!



As far as seminary life is concerned, the semester is filled with the regular activities: daily classes, daily devotions, weekly chapels (not quite every week), lots of study, and then end-of-the-week Friday brat/burger lunches that often include guests and the wives and children.


And, naturally, the tradition of playing (and learning to play!) ping-pong in the lower level continues.


We’ve had a couple of special events too – our Fall picnic at Hagar Park in Jenison…



and two lectures by Dr. Nick Willborn of Greenville Presbyterian Seminary (on southern Presbyterian theologians in the 19th century) – very informative and instructive. You may find those on the seminary’s YouTube channel.


We also had a certain professor celebrate his 50th birthday, complete with some fun brought in  by his family for one of our morning coffee times.


And, of course, it is Fall here in West Michigan, so we end with some pictures taken of the fall colors in the last few weeks.




This is the area to the west and north of seminary where a walking path runs, part of the trek and scenery some of us take and enjoy after lunch.


Remember to pray for us!


And to send us your wood!

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