The Singing Christ – E. Clowney

The Singing Christ

Their mighty song burns heavenward
And glory shines in sound;
The herald angels praise the Lord
In shouts that shake the ground.
O sing, you sons of heaven’s joy,
The wonder of his ways;
The birth-cry of an infant boy
Perfects his Father’s praise.

Sing, O Jesus, Mary’s son,
The pilgrim songs appointed:
How great the works the Lord has done!
How blessed his Anointed!
Sing in Nazareth, young man,
The songs of Jubilee;
Today fulfill redemption’s plan,
Proclaim the captive free!

Sing, O Savior, lift the cup,
“Jehovah is my song!”
The sacrifice is offered up
Before the shouting throng:
“I come to do thy will, my God.
My body is prepared
To drink the cup and bear the rod
That sinners should be spared.”

Sing, O Christ, up Zion’s brow
From Kidron’s rocky bed;
The pilgrim songs are silent now,
And all thy friends have fled.
Sing in agony, my King,
The God-forsaken Lord;
And count thy bones in suffering
While malice mocks thy word.

Sing, ascending King of kings;
Lift up your heads, ye gates;
The King of Glory triumph sings,
The Lord that heav’n awaits.
Sing, O Son of God’s right hand,
Our Prophet, Priest and King;
The saints that on Mount Zion stand,
With tongues once dumb, now sing.

Sing, Lord Christ, among the choir
In robes with blood made white,
And satisfy thy heart’s desire
To lead the sons of light.
O Chief Musician, Lord of praise,
From thee our song is found;
Ancient of everlasting days,
To thee the trumpets sound.

Rejoicing Savior, sing today
Within our upper room;
Among thy brethren lift the lay
Of triumph from the tomb.
Sing now, O Lamb, that we may sing
The glory of thy shame,
The paean of thy suffering,
To sanctify thy Name!

Written by Edmund P. Clowney and found in The Country of the Risen King: An Anthology of Christian Poetry, Merle Meeter, Compiler (Baker Book House, 1978), pp.50-51. I recently found this nice collection of poems in a local thrift store and started browsing it tonight. When I came on this edifying poem, I thought I would post it for your benefit as well. Fitting for sabbath preparation.

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