“Psalms were the Christian’s ballads, …the love-songs of the people of God.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

Book of PsalmsTolle Lege (“take up and read”) had some wonderful quotes on the Psalms this week. This one by Spurgeon is a gem. I trust you will find it so too. Take the time to read the other quotes on the Psalms too; you will be richly blessed.

Tolle Lege

“The Book of Psalms has been a royal banquet to me, and in feasting upon its contents I have seemed to eat angels’ food. It is no wonder that old writers should call it,—the school of patience, the soul’s soliloquies, the little Bible, the anatomy of conscience, the rose garden, the pearl island, and the like.

It is the Paradise of devotion, the Holy Land of poetry, the heart of Scripture, the map of experience, and the tongue of saints. It is the spokesman of feelings which else had found no utterance.

Does it not say just what we wished to say? Are not its prayers and praises exactly such as our hearts delight in?

No man needs better company than the Psalms; therein he may read and commune with friends human and divine; friends who know the heart of man towards God and the heart of God towards man…

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