1st Quarter 2021 Book Additions (2) – PRC Seminary Library

In this post we finish the list of significant book acquisitions to the PRC Seminary library for the first quarter of this year year – January to March 2021. In the previous post we gave you the first sections of the list; in this one we give you the last three sections, which includes dogmatics and practical theology.

Keep in mind that these lists are not exhaustive but representative of what has been added to the library in the last few months. And, remember, that I post these lists believing that there are books here not just for seminary faculty and students, but also for the layman in the church – even for young people. And I hope you get some ideas for your own library – personal, family, and church. Browse and then take up and read – feed your mind and your soul!

Cover for 

Grace and Freedom

Dogmatics, Biblical Theology, Historical Theology

  • Synopsis Purioris Theologiae: Synopsis of a Purer Theology. Latin Text and English Translation; Volume 3, Disputations 43 –52. Harm Goris; Riemer Faber, Transl.; Andreas J. Beck, William den Boer, Riemer Faber. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2020 (Studies In Medieval And Reformation Traditions,Texts & Sources), vol. 222
  • Scripture and the People of God: Essays in Honor of Wayne Grudem. Wayne A. Grudem, honouree; John DelHousaye, editor. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2018.
  • A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith. Robert L. Reymond. (2nd-revised, updated ed.) Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Academic, 2001.
  • Middle Knowledge and Biblical Interpretation: Luis De Molina, Herman Bavinck, and William Lane Craig. Sze Sze Chiew. Frankfurt am Main; New York: Peter Lang, 2016 (Contributions to Philosophical Theology), vol. 13
  • A Brief Introduction to Martin Luther. Steven D. Paulson. Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2017.
  • Remembering the Reformation: Martin Luther and Catholic Theology. Gesa Elsbeth Thiessen, editor; Salvador Ryan, editor; Declan Marmion, editor. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2017.
  • Westminster Conference Papers,1997-2016 (filled in a gap in our holdings of these Puritan & Reformed conference speeches in print–many good topics): The Power of God in the Life of Man; The Faith That Saves; Old Paths – New Shoes; Standing Firm: Still Protestant?, etc.
  • Anthropological Reformations: Anthropology in the Era of Reformation. Anne Eusterschulte; Hannah Walzholz; Kyle J. Dieleman. Gottingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2015 (Refo500 Academic Studies), vol. 28.
  • Grace and Freedom: William Perkins and the Early Modern Reformed Understanding of Free Choice and Divine Grace. Richard A. (Richard Alfred) Muller. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2020.
  • Reforming Free Will: A Conversation on the History of Reformed Views on Compatibilism. Paul Helm; J. V. Fesko and Matthew Barrett, eds.Fearn, Ross-shire, GB: Mentor, 2020 (Reformed Exegetical Doctrinal Studies Series (R.E.D.S.)
  • Providence: A Biblical, Historical, and Theological Account. M. W. (Mark W.) Elliott. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2020.
  • Calvin on Sovereignty, Providence, & Predestination. Joel R. Beeke. Conway, AR: Free Grace Press, 2020.
  • The Task of Dogmatics: Explorations in Theological Method. Oliver Crisp, ed.; Fred Sanders, ed.; Kevin J. Vanhoozer. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2017.
  • Duplex Regnum Christi: Christ’s Twofold Kingdom in Reformed Theology. Jonathon D. Beeke; Eddy Van der Borght. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2021 (Studies in Reformed Theology), vol. 40.
  • The Nature and Function of Faith in the Theology of John Calvin. Victor A. Shepherd. Vancouver, BC: Regent College Press, c1983 (NABPR Dissertation Series) vol. 2.
  • Evangelical Repentance. John Colquhoun, 1748-1827; John J. Murray. Las Vegas, NV: P.O.D., 2012.
  • Tom Wright and the Search for Truth: A Theological Evaluation. Tom Holland. London: Apiary Publishing, c2017, 2020.
  • Christ Freely Offered: A Discussion of the General Offer of Salvation in the Light of Particular Atonement. (3rd ed.) Ken W. Stebbins; Peter Barnes. Lansvale, NSW, Australia: Tulip Publishing, 2020.
Cover Art

Practical Theology (1) –Christian Living, Family, Marriage, Missions, Prayer

  • Short Discourses to be Read in Families. William Jay, 1769-1853. Harrisonburg, VA: Sprinkle Publications, c1805/2000 (reprint).
  • The End of the Christian Life: How Embracing Our Mortality Frees Us to Truly Live. J. Todd Billings. Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos Press, 2020.
  • You Cannot Escape from God: A Primer on Evangelism. Dennis J. Prutow; Keith Evans. Pittsburgh, PA: Westminster Evangelistic Ministries, c1987, 2014.
  • Saints, Sufferers, and Sinners: Loving Others as God Loves Us. Michael R. Emlet. Greensboro, NC: New Growth Press, 2021.
  • The J.H. Bavinck Reader. J. H. (Johan Herman) Bavinck, 1895-1964; John Bolt; James D. Bratt, Transl. Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans, 2013.
40 Questions About Pastoral Ministry  -     By: Phil A. Newton

Practical Theology (2) -Church Government/Leadership, Counseling, Pastoral Ministry, Preaching, Sermons, Worship

  • On Christian Teaching. St. Augustine of Hippo, 354-430; R.P.H. Green, Transl. Oxford [England]; New York: Oxford University Press, 1997 (World Classics).
  • Kerkelijke Tucht Bij Calvijn, [Ecclesiastical Discipline with Calvin] De.J. Plomp. Kampen: J.H. Kok, 1969.
  • Ministerium: Een Introductie in de Reformatorische Leer Van Het Ambt. [Ministerium: An Introduction to the Reformation Doctrine of the Office] C. Trimp. Groningen: Vuurbaak, c1982.
  • Courageous Churchmen: Leaders Compelling Enough to Follow. Jerry Wragg. The Woodlands, TX: Kress Christian Publications, 2018.
  • Pastoral Care and Western Medicine. Christopher W. Bogosh. Xulon Press, 2009.
  • Caring for Widows: Ministering God’s Grace. Brian Croft; Austin. Walker; Mike McKinley. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2015.
  • Leadership in Christian Perspective: Biblical Foundations and Contemporary Practices for Servant Leaders. Justin A. Irving; Mark L. Strauss. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2019.
  • 40 Questions about Pastoral Ministry. Phil A. Newton; Benjamin L. Merkle. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Academic, 2021.
  • Reading and Hearing the Word from Text to Sermon: Essays in Honor of John H. Stek. John H. Stek; Arie C. Leder; John Bolt. Grand Rapids, MI: Calvin Theological Seminary / CRC Publications, c1998.
  • A Workman Not Ashamed: Essays in Honor of Albert N. Martin. Joel R. Beeke; David Charles; Rob Ventura. Conway, AR: Free Grace Press, 2021

Misc. (Apologetics, Culture, Dutch History, Education, Music, Politics, Science, Work, World Religions, etc.)

  • Understanding the Times: The Story of the Biblical Christian, Marxist/Leninist, and Secular Humanist Worldviews. David A. Noebel. Manitou Springs, CO: Summit Press, 1991.
  • The Christian Teacher as Office-Bearer. Joel R. Beeke. Conway, AR: Free Grace Press, 2020
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