PRC Archives Feature – PRYP’s Convention Picture: Redlands, CA, 1969 (Updated!)

Displays in hallway leading to PRC archives room.

It’s Thursday here at the PRC Seminary where the PRC archives are held. And that prompts me to do a PRC history/archives post once again.

Do you recognize these treasures?

A reader and friend sent me a “new” PR Young Peoples’ Convention photo he had obtained and asked what year it was and where it was held. I did find it in our collection and also went back into the Beacon Lights archives to find more information – and a few more pictures! – of this event.

But I will make it a mystery photo item today and see if we can get YOU to guess where it is and when it was held. There are distinctive hints in the picture that may make the location easier to guess (not the last time the PRYP’s Convention was held here), but the year may be tougher – although there are hints for this too!

So, see how you go – and I have more details to follow once we have these answers nailed down.

The 1969 convention booklet – thanks to Dan VU for the picture!

UPDATE: By now, if you have read the comments, you know that the photo is of the 1969 PRYP’s Convention held in Redlands, CA and hosted by Hope PRC. Thanks to those who helped identify the location and year.

As promised, I now give you a few more pictures taken from the pre- and post- convention issues of the Beacon Lights.

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  1. Redlands 1969


    • Right on! Is Les in there?


      • I think that was the other Bev Kuiper 🙂 Bev (Zwak)? But I do see a lot of people I know in there… Vandyke’s, Koole’s, Van Overloop’s, Jim Schimmel, Kamps, Barb Ensink, Priscilla MacGraw, and many many more 🙂


      • Yes, it was – Dick let me know! My apologies to you and Les. Yes, lots of familiar folks here. All older than us. lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • Bev, no apology needed! Remember all the times we’ve gotten mixed up? The latest one was when I signed in at DeVos children’s hospital and they gave me your pic!! I was honored! 🙂


  2. I’m pretty sure this is the Redlands convention that was held the year before I could attend. Must have been 1970?


    • Close, but no cigar! Terry K guessed correctly – 1969.


  3. 1969 Redlands California


  4. Redlands, CA 1971 or 1972


    • Good guess – thanks, Lori – see the other comments for the right year.


  5. Redlands, CA, 1969


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