Children of Light Walk in the Light

If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth: (1 John 1:6)

“…there can be no doubt that every child of God walks in the light every day of their new life and that they can never go back to the way things were. That’s true even though they may now and then temporarily walk on the paths of darkness.

“But this can definitely happen. You can know that you’re walking in the light even when your soul is shrouded in darkness.

“Then something happens. You’re compelled to decide: ‘What’s really going on here? Am I dealing with walking on the paths of eternal splendor while experiencing temporary darkness? Or am I walking on the gloomy paths of everlasting darkness?

“God be praised, the difference can be determined easily!


“…Just examine what you know to be true.

“Are you at all inclined to think: ‘Hey, this darkness is really pretty nice?’ Do you pull back into that darkness? And when people confront you fairly directly about it, do you excuse your darkness as really being the light? Or, on the other hand, are you afraid for the salvation of your soul and for your heart? Do you curse what you see happening? Do you immediately cry out for mercy and for forgiving grace?

“If it’s the former, you’re a miserable hypocrite! If it’s the latter, then you’re a prodigal son, a sheep that has gone astray, and a very troubled child of the Father who is still genuinely bound to Christ as your Surety and Mediator.

“This is what he who is merciful and holy says to the hypocrite: ‘Turn from your evil ways. If you repent, there is forgiving grace for you! If you don’t, know that it’s going to be terrible for you when you fall into the hands of the living God!’

“To his own child who has lost their way and gone astray, the Comforter says, even though they may not hear it all that clearly, ‘Your sins have been thrown into the depths of the sea; return unto me, my child, and sin no more!’

Taken from the new translation by James A. De Jong of Abraham Kuyper’s Honey from the Rock (Lexham Press, 2018), pp.498-99

This particular meditation (#44 of Volume 2) is titled “And Walk in Darkness!” and is based on the passage quoted above, 1 John 1:6.

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