PRC Archives Feature – Restored Photos by G. Braaksma

Recently Mr. Gene Braaksma, a member of our Georgetown PRC here in Hudsonville, MI and hobby photographer, informed me of his work of restoring old photographs, a work I was not previously aware of. And he sent me some samples of the work he has done on a variety of pictures from PRC history. Several of these are from the PRC twenty-fifth anniversary book. Needless to say, I was very impressed, and I think you will enjoy these enhanced photos.

[This was in 1940 at First PRC – Grand Rapids, MI]
[This photo was taken in connection with H. Hoeksema’s 25th anniversary in the ministry. The gifts included that large book with signatures from PRC members throughout the denomination – from West Michigan to Southern California. That book is now part of the PRC archives.]
[These are seminary graduates – can you guess the year?]
[This is the radio choir of First PRC – Grand Rapids, MI, which performed for the live broadcasts of the Reformed Witness Hour radio program from the auditorium of First PRC on Sunday afternoons.]

When I asked him how he goes about determining colors, this is what Gene said: “To answer your question about selecting the colors being 71 years old and living through the fifties I can clearly remember how my parents and grandparents dressed and even have a couple old ties that my mother’s father had worn. He was a WW I veteran so that goes back a ways. Our ancestors in the 50s were not afraid to wear a suit or dress that was 10 years old so that brings us to the 40s. As to who gets the brown suit or the green dress that’s up to me and having a background in art I try to make things blend in a group.”

Mr. Braaksma has offered his restoration services on old photos from the PRC archives with a view to the upcoming 100th anniversary celebration of the PRC. It is my personal hope that we can put him to work on some of our old photos.

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  1. Seminary graduates of 1929


    • Thanks, Bev – you nailed it! The first true graduating class of the seminary


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