End of First Semester at the PRC Seminary

Even the animals sensed that the semester was finished and they could start taking over the property.

Today was the end of the first semester of the 2021-22 school year at the PRC Seminary. The students took their final exams this morning and finished papers and other assignments. There is always a huge sigh of relief when this day comes. And now faculty, students, and staff look forward to a bit of a break – at least a more relaxed schedule and some time with family during the holidays.

We’ve had all kinds of weather this Fall – from sunshine and 63 (Wednesday) to snow, cold, and wild wind storms.

In this post we will simply gather a few photos from the past few months and tell the story of what has gone on at “seminary hill.”

Diligent students spend some time on a joint project in the afternoon.
Special guests included the 7th-grade class from Hope PR Christian School, who came to hear Prof. Cammenga talk about the OT tabernacle and temple.
In building matters, the oldest section of our roof was replaced with a brand new rubber membrane as well as added insulation underneath. Bosveld was again the contractor.
And the skylights also received new metal on them in addition to new and more energy-efficient glass.
We added a new AED this Fall – a device that the Lord used to save Bob Drnek’s life earlier this year.
And we had a special life-saving class from Mitch Van Overloop and Tedd Van Solkema, which included how to use the AED.
Chapels are also a special time of edification. A variety of local PRC pastors come and speak on passages that focus on the ministry. This is Rev. G. Eriks (Unity PRC).
Our Friday grilled lunches (usually brats) are always a special treat, bringing special guests for good food and fellowship. Plus we celebrate special events, such as Arend Haveman’s birthday.

We pray you have a blessed Christmas and New Year!

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