Potpouri Post: Snow Galore, Archives Plate, and a Book Plate

Tonight’s post will be a potpouri – a mixture of winter weather, a new PRC archives donation, and a new book plate.

We start with the weather, as our Father-Creator (not mother nature!) sent us a powerful snowstorm yesterday and overnight, enhanced by cold air whipped around by strong winds over the open waters of Lake Michigan to our west. A classic lake-effect storm that left us with over a foot of snow in much of west Michigan and drifts double that depth.

Today the winds were fairly calm but the cold air over the water still generated another 3-5 inches of fresh snow. One of the beauties of lake-effect snow is that it is light and fluffy – easy to shovel and blow with a snowblower. But is also surely displays the decorative powers of our God.

And the amazing landscape from the piled and wind-smoothed snow leaves one breathless. Who but the Lord can create such white beauty wherever you look?! But it also means that His creatures have to peck (turkeys) and dig (deer) to find the bugs and grass under that blanket.

The second item in this mix is a wonderful commemorative plate from First PRC-Grand Rapids. Terry Kooienga brought it in today, a treasure from his grandpa, Richard (Dick) Kooienga. Thanks for the donation, Terry – and Lavonne!

Note on the back of the plate

Allow me to use this opportunity again to promote donations such as this to the PRC archives. Items of most any kind are welcome from our members and friends: photos, bulletins, programs, tapes (audio and video), momentos, books pamphlets, etc. – donations small or large are gladly received at the seminary! Keep that in mind as the PRC approaches her 100th anniversary in 2025.

And, finally, you may know that I enjoy finding interesting book plates inside books (usually inside the front cover). Today I found this one in a Dutch book from Prof. D. Engelsma’s library. A beautiful plate, is it not? And a neat part of this story is that I had the honor of meeting Rev. Piersma when we lived in South Holland, IL. He must have given this book to Prof. Engelsma when he was minister in SH-PRC.

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  1. Rev. Piersma studied theology and philosophy at Calvin College. He received seminary training under Herman Hoeksema and Samuel Volbeda, graduating from Protestant Reformed Seminary in 1943 and from Calvin Theological Seminary in 1947.

    In 1947, Rev. Piersma began his ministry in Oostburg, WI, with Cornelius Van Til participating in his ordination service. In 1949, Rev. Piersma was called to the Franklin Street CRC of Grand Rapids, MI, and to the Oakdale Park CRC of Grand Rapids in 1953. In 1956, he accepted the call to Second CRC in Edmonton, AB. In 1960, a call from Grandville Avenue CRC brought him back to Grand Rapids. He served the First CRC in Pella, IA, from 1964 until a 1969 call brought him to Bethany CRC in South Holland, IL. He returned to Iowa in 1977 and served First CRC in Sioux Center until 1981, when he was called to Pleasant Street CRC in Whitinsville, MA. He retired in 1984, but remained active by serving as an Industrial Chaplain for Van Com Corporation in Elmhurst, IL. In recent years, Rev. Piersma ministered to Covenant Reformed Church (URCNA) in Pella, IA, during two vacancies and currently as an associate pastor.

    The above information was is from the memorial that appeared in The Outlook after Rev. Piersma’s death in December, 2004. Those interested in the history of Protestant Reformed christian school education might know that John Piersma was also a founding board member of the Association for the Advancement of Christian Education, the society that would in 1949 open Adams St. Protestant Reformed Christian School.


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