Coming to the Rest-giver

Come unto Me!

Blessed summons, when by the gracious call of His Spirit, He makes it resound in our soul!

And blessed soul that obeys that summons and comes!

It is a coming which is the result of Father’s drawing. For no one can come unto Him except the Father which sent Him draw him. The drawing is first, and the coming second. The drawing is the cause, and the coming is the result. It is the drawing of that love which is always first, and the coming of faith which relies on that love.

It is a coming which begins when we cast away all our own righteousness and every basis of confidence in self. For we cannot come unto Him with aught of self. Empty and poor and naked, weary and exhausted, as the drowning man who struggled with the tempestuous sea till his strength was gone, thus we must come to Him Who is our all.

It is a coming that continues when we see Jesus as we never see Him with out natural eye, full of grace and glory and life and rest and peace, the fullness of our wisdom and righteousness and sanctification and complete redemption, and when our soul, hungering and thirsting after righteousness, desires to possess Him above all the treasures and pleasures of the world.

It is a coming by which we draw nearer, when we hear Him address us, as with the natural ear we could never hear, so clearly and distinctly as if He were calling us by name: “Weary toiler, heavily burdened one, cease from toiling at your impossible task. I have finished. Come unto Me and rest!”

It is a coming whereby we know and trust that when He bore the burden of His people’s sin, our transgressions and our iniquities were also upon Him, so that we believe His promise and trust for life and death with all our soul in that promise: I will give you rest!

And that promise He fulfills.

He fulfills it when He sheds forth the love of God into our hearts, that love in which there is no fear, and when He gives us the faith by which we shout in joy and redemption: “We, therefore, being justified by faith, have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” He fulfills it when, if we would return to the old burdens and the slavery of sin and death, He draws us back unto Himself and assures us, “Your sins are forgiven.” He fulfills it, when amid the battle and strife of this present life in the midst of the world, He makes us partakers of the peace that passes all understanding.

And He will fulfill it to the last.

For the final rest is not yet.

There still remains a sabbath for the people of God.

The eternal sabbath.

And the Rest-giver will surely bring that final rest. When all of life is over and all the weary night is past, and the last one of His toiling people shall have been brought into the rest He accomplished, then He shall come again and lead His people into the perfect rest. Then the toiling and groaning creation shall be delivered from the yoke of vanity and corruption and partake of the rest of God’s children.

God, through Christ, shall have completed His work.

And into that completed work we shall enter.

God’s tabernacle over all!

The rest of eternal joy!

Taken from the last part of a meditation Herman Hoeksema first wrote for the July 1925 issue of the Standard Bearer, and which was later reprinted in the March 15, 1987 issue of the SB. I have quoted from an earlier portion of this meditation before. Today, at the request of a friend, I post another portion of it.

On this Lord’s day of rest – a glimpse of our everlasting rest – it is good for our souls to meditate on how we experience and enjoy the saving rest our Savior Jesus Christ has given us through His perfect work. By a true and living faith may we come and enjoy His rest today.

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