PRC Archives Feature – Photo Fun

It has been some time since we posted a PRC archives item, so today let’s take some time to enjoy a new photo that I just received last evening.

A friend (I will leave her name out since it may tip you off) gave me this photo in a bag of miscellaneous items at Prof. D. Kuiper’s PRC History class last evening. It is a picture I have not seen previously and that we did not have for our archives. Clearly it relates to radio work, so that is your tip. I believe the man on the left will be an easy guess for some of you. But that man on the right… (I have a name on the back!), well, you just have fun with that.

And then the location of this recording session too. I have my guess, but it may be wrong. Let’s see how you do and what kind of help we get.

Happy Thursday – PRC archives day!

And, by the way, I have been setting up a PRC archives table at Prof. Kuiper’s PRC history class at SW-PRC (Wyoming, MI). On display I have had related books, pamphlets, documents, and pictures. If you haven’t joined us yet, please do on August 10,17, and 24 – the three remaining classes!

If you have missed the first three, visit the link to our YouTube channel and watch them at your convenience.

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