Friday Book Bites

On this Friday, we feature some “book bites” for you – tasty little morsels found in some books from the library of Robert C. Harbach, former PRC minister of the Word (1914-1996). As you know, I love book plates and other special treats found inside books (bookmarks, sayings, etc.), and Harbach’s books contained some real treasures, which also reveals insights into a man’s soul.

I hope you enjoy these samples as much as I did.

These interesting notes were found inside Harbach’s Essentials of NT Greek book (when he was a student at the Refomred Episcopal Seminary in Philadelphia, PA). Do you see what he did with his name?

And these last two are not as personal but have a great message about the importance of God’s Word in the hands of God’s people – one of the precious fruits of the Reformation we will soon commemorate again.

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