It’s by Design That We’ve Never Lived without the Sabbath | Crossway Articles

Today Crossway published a special article (see link below) based on the new book, The Sabbath as Rest and Hope for the People of God by Guy P. Waters. This is the latest in their series “Short Studies in Biblical Theology.”

The Sabbath as Rest and Hope for the People of God

Here’s an excerpt from the close of the article, where Waters concludes his biblical explanation of God’s creation-ordinance sabbath:

In conclusion, by setting aside the seventh day as a time of resting from his work of creating the world, God institutes the weekly Sabbath as an ongoing ordinance for human beings. The Sabbath commandment does not oblige Israel alone; it binds all human beings by virtue of them being made in the image of God. Thus, humanity did not receive the Sabbath commandment at some point far into the course of human history—God gave the Sabbath to humanity at the beginning of history, at the creation of the world.

So how are human beings to keep the Sabbath? And what does God intend to bring about through their Sabbath keeping? Humans are to imitate God by engaging in labor for six days of the week. But they are no less designed to imitate God by resting the seventh day. This means that God wants people, for twenty-four hours, to cease the work that occupies them six days of the week. Yet, that cessation of labor—and the refreshment that comes from that cessation—is a means to a greater end. God wants human beings to worship him. The Sabbath is a day that God has “made . . . holy”—it is set apart to him and to his worship. And it is precisely because the day is directed toward God that it carries blessing for human beings. It is a day that God has “blessed.” In light of the testimony of Genesis 1:1–2:3, that blessing carries potential for fruitfulness and fullness. Thus, as God meets with people who truly worship him on that day, they experience all of these gifts—spiritual blessing, fruitfulness, and fullness.

It is this latter point that brings us to the heart of the Sabbath. God made human beings to worship him, to have fellowship with him, and to find blessing and happiness in that worship and fellowship. We were created to labor, to be sure, but the ultimate goal of human existence is to worship and glorify the God who made us.

In the light of this truth of God’s Word, shall we commit to spending tomorrow imitating our God in His rest and enjoying blessed fellowship with Him as we worship Him as Creator and Redeemer?

Source: It’s by Design That We’ve Never Lived without the Sabbath | Crossway Articles

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