Prosperity and the Age of Ingratitude


Author and teacher Douglas Bond posted several powerful Thanksgiving Day messages on his website last week (Nov.18). Today, on Thanksgiving Day, I would like to post the first one, which is titled “Prosperity and the Age of Ingratitude.” Not only does Bond point to the evil spirit of our age – ingratitude – but he also points to the only cure – God’s saving grace in Jesus Christ. And he ends with a powerful little prayer from an English Puritan poet.

May you enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving Day, reflecting on and rejoicing in God’s goodness in all things and in all circumstances. Below you will find one of our many reasons for thankfulness – our 15 grandchildren – precious gifts from the Lord!

Prosperity and Ingratitude

Ironically, amidst the prosperity of the modern world—when we might expect people to be thankful for all the good stuff—ingratitude has become like an infectious-disease bacteria, dividing, multiplying, and morphing into some of the ugliest cultural maladies in history. Ingratitude and its companion ailments, pride, boredom, discontentment, swaggering intolerance, suspicion, even abhorrence, of our neighbors, are on conspicuous display in entertainment, media, academia, and politics—alas, and in the church.

Ingratitude feeds voraciously on our inner being, until it has overrun our affections, and spreads like cancer throughout every sinew of our entire system. We have become the thing itself: ingratitude. What are we to do? We must begin by doing what we would do with an infectious disease, a pandemic virus; wash our hands of it; get clear of the source of it.

There is only one sure cure for ingratitude and discontentment for everyday gifts, for extraordinary blessings, and in times of grinding affliction. You and I need to take massive daily dosages of that cure. The cure begins with knowing that we have every reason to put off ingratitude, and put on gratitude. In Christ and all that he has accomplished on our behalf, for our redemption, for our eternal bliss, for our rescue from sin, self, and so-well-deserved death—we have every reason to be overflowing with gratitude. The cure to the disease is seeing and embracing afresh our glorious Savior, and then rendering to God heart-felt, verbal gratitude, actively and daily expressed. We must petition our Heavenly Father for more of that life-giving cure.

A good place to start is by praying along with Puritan poet George Herbert this prayer of holy discontent, “Thou hast given so much to me, Give one thing more–a grateful heart.”

Source: Prosperity and the Age of Ingratitude

[And while you are at his website, check out his great books! I see he has a new one on John Wycliffe.]

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