PRC Archives Feature! Mystery Photo Time *(Updated)

Good Thursday morning to you from the PRC archives center at the PRC Seminary in Wyoming, MI.

It is time for another mystery photo feature. This photo was actually just donated last evening through Prof. R. Dykstra who received it from the Hoksbergens (Don and Wilma) in Hull PRC (IA). We thank them for it, especially because it comes still in its original cardboard frame!

So, who can identify the photo – and if you are really good – the men in it?!

Just so you know, I do have the answer to these questions, thanks in part to the photo (love it when people send a picture AND identify it!) and Prof. R. Dykstra.


I realize this might be a tough one to place, so let’s move ahead and identify the photo above for our readers. It is a picture of the 1949 Consistory of Orange City (IA) PRC. Maybe you didn’t even know we used to have a church in that beautiful community with its own Dutch flavor, named after William of Orange. But here are the names of the men in the photo as it was submitted to us:

This photo also appears in the PRC 25th anniversary booklet, as seen below. Now the mystery is mysterious no more. If you have any memories of this congregation or of the men in the picture, please share them here or by email (

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