ObamaCare’s marriage penalty: Cohabitating couples will pay less for healthcare than married couples – LifeSiteNews.com

ObamaCare’s marriage penalty: Cohabitating couples will pay less for healthcare than married couples | LifeSiteNews.com.

ObamacareWe already know that the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) is bad in terms of finances (increasing costs) and healthcare (loss of good care). We also know it is bad morally, with its forced mandate for employers to provide birth control to employees, even if it violates their religious principles. Now we are also finding out that this law is bad morally in terms of its attacks on marriage and family. But should this surprise us?

In this online article, LifeSiteNews reports on how traditional marriage is being punished under ACA (posted Nov.11, 2013). Let us hope that this sinister law is soon undone and our freedoms restored. But if not, let us also be prepared to suffer for righteousness’ sake.

Below is a clip from the LSN article; read all of it at the link above.

Would you pay $10,000 a year to stay married to your spouse? Some American couples are being faced with exactly that decision as they consider their health insurance options under ObamaCare.

…In 2010, the Heritage Foundation warned of this hidden marriage penalty in a report criticizing the ObamaCare bill for its “profound anti-marriage bias.” They also pointed out that focusing on the yearly penalty misses the bigger picture: the penalty is assessed over and over again throughout the couple’s life, meaning the real cost of marriage is much, much higher.

According to the group’s calculations, a married couple who remained married throughout their lives might pay more than $200,000 in penalties under ObamaCare.

“Most people feel that marriage is a healthful institution that society should encourage and strengthen,” wrote Robert Rector, the report’s author. “Inexplicably, [ObamaCare] takes the opposite approach. At nearly all age and income levels, the bill profoundly discriminates against married couples, providing far less support to a husband and wife than to a cohabiting couple with the same income.”

Rector said that ObamaCare’s passage means that “married couples across America will be taxed to provide discriminatory benefits to couples who cohabit, divorce, or never marry.”

Leanna Baumer, a senior legislative assistant for the Family Research Council, told LifeSiteNews.com that ObamaCare’s marriage penalty is a giant step in the wrong direction, one that could negate years of hard-won tax reforms aimed at encouraging marital stability.

“Not only do these penalties discourage couples from marrying, they ignore the bipartisan work that has occurred in the past decade to decrease marriage penalties in the tax code,” Baumer told LifeSiteNews.