The Wonder of Grace: Jesus in the Manger

StandardBearerFrom “The Christmas Message to Joseph”, the meditation based on Matt.1:18-24 and written by Rev.Ron Van Overloop (Grace PRC), published in the December 15, 2014 Standard Bearer:

The wonder of grace is that He is ‘Jesus,’ that is, ‘Jehovah salvation’ (21). ‘Jehovah salvation’ means that He will accomplish the work to ‘save His people from their sins.’ To save means that He delivers them from the greatest evil – there is nothing worse than my sin and my sinfulness. And provides us with the greatest good – a sweet relationship with God Himself.

This marvelous and gracious work of salvation He will accomplish for ‘His people.’ He saves, but He does not save all – only His people, that is, those given Him of His Father before the foundation of the world (John 17:2). He will do all that is necessary to earn salvation – earning both forgiveness and righteousness. He will work that salvation in them, and He will keep them in that salvation.

That Jesus saves His people from their sins explains the manger and the cross, for He stood in their place, bearing the penalty of their sin. Their violations of the most high majesty of God made it necessary that He bear the penalty for all of their sin.

The great joy of Christmas is the fact that He came precisely to deal with the reality of our sin. Christmas is realizing that God humbled Himself to become complete man because the sins of His people required that. Payment had to be made and He became man just to do so.

…May we see the baby in the manger and worship Him with renewed faith. Let us receive the good tidings of great joy and give glory to God in the highest! (123-24).