Ireland’s New Stamp Features a 224 Word Short Story

Ireland’s New Stamp Features a 224 Word Short Story | @pritheworld.

This nifty story appeared a month ago (posted June 3, 2013) first in Ireland and then here in the U.S. A rather neat way to introduce a short story – and that by a talented teenager! How’s that for motivating you to write short stories! Have a great Friday!

Irishstamp-short storyThe Irish city that was once a Viking village and is now famous for its literature is Dublin.

The list of writers, poets and playwrights associated with Dublin is a long one. Or perhaps it’s a far-reaching, elongated, and meandering one.

In any case, one on the newest literary voices is a talented teenager. 17-year-old Eoin Moore wrote a short story for a creative writing program for teenagers called Fighting Words.

His story was chosen to be published. But the coolest thing is that it was published on Ireland newest postage stamp. All 224 words of it.

The stamp celebrates Dublin’s designation as a UNESCO City of Literature.

It’s a bright yellow, rectangular stamp (see above) with just enough space to display Eoin Moore’s story, and it’s now available at Irish post offices throughout Dublin…for just 60 cents.