Grace for Giving: Rev.C.Griess – Nov.15, 2014 “Standard Bearer”

StandardBearerIn the most recent issue of the Standard Bearer Rev.Cory Griess continues his fine series on the elements of Reformed worship under the rubric “O Come Let Us Worship.”

He has started to treat the element of the offering (or offertory), and in his first installment he has this to say at the outset:

The approach of these two articles [on the offertory] must be to address the subject with both law and gospel. The command to give must not be neglected, and the gospel of grace which primes the hearts of God’s people to let go of all other security and trust the good way of God’s law must be made plain. This is necessary because the giving of alms, as all aspects of worship, is a heart issue. Our depraved hearts tend to make us idolize and trust in money. And it is not until our hearts are captured by the sovereign grace of God that we worship God as He commands and our hands let go of our money.

The basic issue in this element of worship is not how much money we make or do not make. It is not how much we can give or cannot give at whatever stage of life we are in. The basic issue is the heart that knows the grace that God has given to His people, and therefore desires to honor the Lord with money. Grace alone will motivate us to follow God’s command and give with willing hearts in worship (86).

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