PRC Seminary Addition Update – March 2019


It was a good week of spring weather in West Michigan and more good progress was made on the archive/office addition at the PRC Seminary.

The Bosveld “team” of John Hop was there to carry on the work, inside and out. It started with some wrapping of the outside roof area with more board and Tyvec, in part because we were supposed to have a rainy day Wednesday/Thursday. But it stayed nice and that work was completed.

Then “JH” spent some time building a special platform and stairs to enter the addition through one of the windows, since this is the best entrance into it right now. When the semester is done, the wall now separating the addition from the library will be torn now and an opening made (You will see that wall in the photos below). But for now, the window is the door. Make sense? Just watch your head going in! 🙂

Part of the work involved demolition of the old roof overhang, because what was outside is now inside. Make sense? Perhaps a few pics will help here too. And now you can see what wall has to come down. Yes, that brick one, so that a temporary stud wall can be made for the south side of that first office. Which stud wall will eventually come down too, when that temporary office is no longer needed. Then the “office” will become part of the library. Or maybe the archives. I know, it’s getting complicated, so let’s not worry about that right now.

Today (Friday) a Kleyn electrician came to put in some temporary power and some lights. And now you get your first look at the new archive room! It’s bare! But that’s ok; it will fill up in time. Wait until you see the cool shelving system we hope to install in it. I’m quite excited. (But that’s a secret at this point. Shhhh.)

And last, but not least, a little work was done this week on the library renovation part of this project. Two rows of sample sound-deadening ceiling tiles were put in by “JH.” so that we can begin to get a feel for how they look and how they sound. That is, hopefully, what sound we don’t hear. Make sense? Good!

Stay tuned for the next installment of PRC SAAU (seminary archive addition updates)!

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