Living Joyfully in Marriage — A Review

Living-joyfully-marriage-SKey-2022A new publication of the Reformed Free Publishing Association is the title Living Joyfully in Marriage: Reflecting the Relationship of Christ and the Church by Rev. Steven Key, pastor of Loveland Protestant Reformed Church (PRC) in Loveland, CO.

Last week Friday (June 24) the RFPA published a review of the book by Rev. J. Marcus, new pastor of Peace PRC in Dyer, IN. In his review, pastor Marcus not only summarizes the content of the book but also gives an evaluation of that content, using the Reformed principle of Scripture alone.

Below is a portion of that review, showing that evaluation. You are encouraged to follow the link at the end to read the retire review. And, of course, you are encouraged to obtain the book, read it, share it, and purchase it for the newlyweds in your family and/or church family.

“The strength of this book is that it takes Scripture as the ultimate authority as regards what is best for us in marriage (and all of life) and how properly to respond to difficulties in marriage. Each chapter is based on a specific Scripture text which is explained and applied as one would expect in a book based on a sermon series. In addition, the author takes into account many other Scripture passages to support the points he makes. When Scripture is taken as God’s revealed truth, we will know there was a first man and a first woman, who were tempted by a serpent, and ate of the forbidden fruit, and thus brought the wages of sin upon the whole human race. When Scripture is given its proper place, as the author does throughout the book, we will see our hope in Christ alone.

“As it is based on Scripture, the book expounds many important doctrines. For example, the unbreakable bond between Christ and the church points to the permanence of the marriage bond between husband and wife (Chapter 8). Another doctrine expressed is the sovereignty of God, which touches every aspect of marriage including whether we find a spouse or remain single (p.138), or whether or not we are fruitful and multiply (p.138). Another foundational doctrine is the fall of mankind into sin and the far-reaching effects that are passed down to us from Adam. The fall, of course, has devastating effects on the marriage relationship (p.32,47). Not only does the fall mean that we must we deal with the old man within us, we have to live in a fallen sinful world that affects us (p.10). The doctrine of Christ’s saving work for us and in us as well as the covenant fellowship into which God has brought us figures large throughout the book as earthly marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church. As God’s children we have been “redeemed and sanctified and brought under the dominion of Christ and his word” (p.5). Christ’s atoning sacrifice “is what it took to cleanse us and to clothe us with the white robes of righteousness, the glorious garments of Christ’s bride” (p.108). These are just a few of the doctrines taught and implied throughout the pages of this book.

“Flowing from its doctrinal footing, the author makes many practical applications. These applications include advice for married couples (whether newly married or married for many years), young adults who are dating, young adults who desire to be married but don’t see any prospect of marriage, widows and widowers, and every child of God in general.”

Source: Living Joyfully in Marriage — A Review – Reformed Free Publishing Association

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