Rare 1897 Flipbook of Boxing Match

Library Journal.

Flipbook-1Does anyone remember these little “flipbooks”? While I don’t go back quite this far (1897!), I do remember books like this from my childhood, although the ones I recall were more cartoons than real life scenes. And, judging from the images on the web, they are still being made.

In any case, this 1897 flipbook is a real treat and captures a famous boxing event. The Library Journal featured this this past week (originally posted June 10, 2013). Here’s the link to see the book “in action”, and below is the brief introduction to it.

Imagine the impact of this 1897 flipbook, before television and radio!  Ringside seats to the championship match mean that the cover of this flipbook has been worn to bits.  I could safely capture a few images from the center to bring one punch back to life for you.

Living Photograph Flip Book. Novelty Export Co, 1897. 2 ¼” x 1 ½”.
James Corbett and Robert Fitzsimmons championship boxing match.

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